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Business Activities

Sun Machinery & Trading Inc. is supported by numerous Japanese leading manufacturers in supply of various Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Spare Parts to overseas customers through our well-organized After-Sales-Service Network.

Sun Machinery & Trading Inc. is a professional company specializing in organizing the coordination of periodical Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) Project to rejuvenate your plant for improved performances.

Supply of Japanese Origin Mechanical Equipment, Electrical Equipment & Instrumentation Equipment with those related Spare Parts.
Coordination of“Technical Advisory Services by Vendor's Specialists”for Technology Transfer to your Plant Engineers.
Procurement & Buying Representation Activities in Japan for overseas Organizations.

Our Policy

is to gain prestige and goodwill rather than to increase sales. We offer the most suitable machinery, equipment and its spares at the most reasonable prices for each enquiry selecting from our wide range of contracted manufacturers and our professional expertise and know-how cultivated on a long experience in the field.


We have contracted Forwarders for Air & Sea shipment and all machineries & industrial spares ready for shipment at our warehouse shall be dispatched to your designated premises immediately upon our receipt of your shipping instruction.

Liaison & Representative Services

Most Japanese manufacturers, having excellent technology & know-how about machinery, other equipment and spares, are not so familiar with communicating directly with overseas customers and materializing business opportunities due to various reasons, such as the difference of business manner, payment, complication of export procedure etc.

Our Liason & Representative Services will help you in such case. Without any cost, we can contact, and/or visit manufacturers on behalf of customers and submit a full report to you.

Many of our overseas customers are now enjoying our special Liason & Representative Service when they need to contact Japanese manufacturers to obtain quotation of machinery, equipment and its spare parts and/or catalogues, technical information from the manufacturer in reply to your queries.

Acting as your Procurement Service Center in Japan

Kindly make the best use of Sun Machinery & Trading Inc by utilizing our office as your Procurement Service in Japan for your smooth and close contact with respective manufacturers in Japan enabling you to obtain necessary Quotation, Information, Technical Support Service from the manufacturers on time through our office.